Top 5 cryptocurrencies in invest in 2022

With the changing landscape in different industries that are driven by digital means, it is no longer a surprise that cryptocurrency is rising each day. There is no denying that the rate of cryptocurrencies is changing most of the time which leads to opening new doors to investors for seeking their best digital currency. Wondering, why people are investing in cryptocurrencies so much in today’s time? Apart from the price variation, crypto people can steadily make a fast profit that may grow or multiply in a very short period.

In today’s time, when you have to manage with different cryptocurrencies, building a portfolio is one of the most valuable assets to work on! In addition to working on seamless transactions with digital currencies, you have to check on the price of the digital currencies. While steadily managing digital currencies, it’s all about making money with cryptocurrencies. There is no denying that crypto trading always comes with a lot of risks. If you are looking forward to stepping into the crypto-world, you should first look into the below-mentioned cryptocurrencies as every here and there you listen to word crypto you will hear these names. Let’s have a look at them

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the most influential digital currency that was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. The currency rose to fame 2-3 years back when some investors have shown interest in buying this digital currency. The price of Bitcoin rose at such a rapid pace which normal people never thought of. Today, Bitcoin is considered the value standard in the crypto market, based on which new cryptocurrencies were created.


  1. Ethereum (ETH)
    In the rapidly changing world of trading platforms, exchanges, and online brokerages, Ethereum(ETH) is one of the most liquid financial assets, as it is easily convertible for cash or valuables assets like gold at extremely low rates. The most effective part of Ethereum is its development and its features of the original blockchain providing efficient and environment-friendly transactions.
  2. 3. Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is a digital currency that is better known to individuals as the blockchain-based financial payment platform than for cryptocurrency. Ripple was created to help make payments as fast as possible. Typically, payment in Ripple in Ripple cryptocurrency takes about 4 seconds-much faster than any other digital currency. Ripple also differs from other cryptocurrencies in that the entire amount of Ripple was issued when payment was launched.

  1. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

On the other side, Bitcoin cash is a digital currency that originated directly from the Bitcoin currency. The story of the emergence of Bitcoin Cash is indeed very interesting. As there has been a spark in the settlements, therefore the clearing of orders took a long time. To solve the problem that was arising 4 years before like a bad dream. The so-called process was placed in the Bitcoin network blockchain, during which one Bitcoin blockchain branched into two new blockchains.

  1. BitKids Coin (BKC)

Holding its inception in July 2021, BitKids Coin is the World’s first Anti-dumping cryptocurrency that has a lot of potentials for people to invest the money in right. Plus, they can contribute 2% for charity as the project is all about investment plus charity.  Recently the digital currency was able to get listed on a trending crypto exchange p2pb2b platform with the presale success that was arranged some days back on its official website.

Indeed, BKC will be an upcoming trendy investment option in the coming time. 


What makes this Bitkidscoin (BKC) special? 

BitKids Coin is decentralized and works on innovative technologies of blockchain-powered by Binance smart chain system that makes it easy for individuals to invest in this digital currency. As an individual, one can say that this digital currency has a strong potential as the process is what people get attracted to in the current time.  

One of the cryptocurrency industry's most notable characteristics is its unpredictability. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The crypto world's constant rises and falls make it incredibly intriguing, and its ability to make people millionaires overnight gives it its true allure. Though it's hard to know where any coin will go next, it's always worth keeping your eye on a promising few as we head into 2022.


When you look closely at the cryptocurrency industry, you will notice that they work on the feature of unpredictability. One should know that they are not the big thing. One should know the basics involved in crypto investing, start with small amounts at the very early stage to gain knowledge, and keep on creating the portfolio. Though it’s hard to know where any coin will go to the next level, it’s always worth keeping your eye on a promising few.

Start your investment today.